It's the Rush!

The first time I saw a crystalline glazed pot by Matt Horne, I wanted to make a glaze like it. I was fascinated by the energy, depth and light I saw reflected in the crystals. Almost as if they were moving.

I am still a novice at mixing glazes so I bided my time until I was a little more comfortable before embarking on this adventure. I read books, looked at videos, listened to other crystelieri.

This week was C-day (you get it?) I used one of Fara Shimbo's recipes from her book "Crystalline Glazes". I made three test batches: one base, one with cobalt and manganese, the third with copper, iron oxide and manganese. After a nerve racking, nail biting firing I have this to show.

Sorry no pictures of the making. All I have are the results? I will let them speak. Clearer pictures later.
Am I going to try this again? Oh hell yes!

Be blessed