Indigenous inspired bottle form with Chocolate Black  clay body
Here is a picture overload for you. Been preparing for an open day in November and working on commissioned pieces so had no time to update. Did some new things, tried new surface treatments and had a blast working, These are just some of the pieces. the rest, you'll see after the gaze fire/
Hope you enjoy the picture collage! 
Be Blessed,

Porcelain bottle form, after

Porcelain bottle form before

lidded storage jar with incised texture

carved bellied vase

here are the three together. I enjoyed working on these
one of a series of bowls that looks at violence in society

This bowl was chattered inside and out. the form is beautiful. Can't wait to finish it with glaze

commissioned pieces. the simplicity of the form is exquisite

Enjoyed working on this too. Covered in black underglaze, the last step is the crawl glaze that will go over for the glaze fire.