Chawans Baby!

used iron oxide and porcelain slip
My fascination with pottery and this is probably true with most potters, is inspired in part by the  work of the Chinese and Japanese potters. The pottery of the Yuan and Shang Dynasties are especially beautiful to me. so when I saw their chawans I knew that I would want to throw one. Got to tell you it was a little intimidating because of their history and ceremonial meaning and their beauty- especially in their asymmetry. Nevertheless, I did it yesterday. Woo Hoo! what a rush! I did eight- yes I said eight. And I made video which I will upload later on when I have edited. You know I wouldn't leave you without a peek so here it is
Love the marbling on this one

 Remember it's just a peek. My first chawans. Most of them are textured. Loved doing that.

Be blessed,