Stepping Up

I have increased the amount of clay I throw with. I can now control 5lbs of clay on the wheel and probably a little more. With this has come a growth in my confidence so I am trying new ideas and concepts.
I now want to mix my own glazes and have started burning some wood to collect the ash so that I can make up a simple glaze. I am also toying even more with texture and shape. Here are three pieces that I worked on yesterday and trimmed and shaped today. They are all done in Macabee cone 5 porcelain

This bowl was done with bits of clay that were treated with iron oxide, stuck to the inside. On top of this is added slip with iron oxide and cobalt carbonate. Crossing my fingers for the result.

with this vase I played with shape and texture. I love the contrast from thin to bulbous, from straight to flared. I used the plastic rib to create the texture on the surface. I think this one is my favorite of the three.

This one I also played with shape. I created an odd- shaped jug. Two things happened that changed the form. Firstly, While trimming and cleaning I looked at the handle and saw a face so I decided to play with that some more. I went too low in my carving and ended up having to cut out the holes. Then while I was cleaning the spout, I ended up breaking it. Was about to throw it out when I decided to keep it. Who knows...

Be blessed,