Here are two more pieces that were taken out of the kiln. They are both wheel thrown using low fire (^ 04)  white. I love the colours that I got from these; especially the bottle which reminds me of smoke.

However, the vase didn't have such a nice time in the kiln and I now have a vase that's stuck to it's stand and if you look closely you'll see evidence of pinholes. I still like what happened to the colour and will try to rescue it from the base. Any suggestions are welcome.
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  1. Nice pieces, sorry about the vase. Many article have been written about what causes pin holes. I'd suggest reading them and seeing if any of them give you ideas of what's going on based on your studio, glaze, kiln... Good luck.

    1. Thanks Lori. I did start doing some research and reading into the causes of pinholes and craters. I hope that I can solve the problem by the next firing.


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