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Well the fast pace of the semester is over. This marks the end of another year of study. So now I can share with you some of the things I've been doing.
For one of my final projects we had to create three paintings based on a field trip we took to the sister isle of Tobago. A beautiful island you should make visiting there one of your top ten things to do. here are the three pieces that I did. We were told not to merely record what we saw but come up with a concept based on something that captured our attention. There were some really interesting trees that held me captive and these three are created based on them and other places I visited. No working  titles yet. If you think of something feel free to let me know. They are all acrylics on 20x16 and 16x20 panels. The first  two panels have been textured with tissue and primed in red (Thanks Beverley for the idea).
I had originally started exploring the positive negative spaces but somewhere along the lines I started seeing other things and instead focussed on the different  moods evoked by three of the places I had visited while there. These were full of a hidden fire and passion and held secrets yet to be told. So each panel tells that story

This first panel is an ode to Bethlehem Junction, a little village up in the hills of Bethel where there is still the practice of secret arts and funny habits (not the kind you laugh at) As we drove through you felt the underlying fire hiding behind the lazy atmosphere. The tree with the burnt tops reminded me of there. This is my ode to those trees and to Bethlehem Junction.
This one with its really red background was intended to appear other worldly and eerie. It was how I felt when I visited Luise Kimme's museum and studio; as though I had somehow stumbled upon another time and place; with the many statues and life size sculptures.

They say you should try not to fall in love with your artwork because it may hinder your ability to look at it objectively and be able to change things. Of the three I think though, this is my favorite. This one was done based on our visit to Plymoth, the place of the jazz festival and also the mystery tomb. It's interesting story of a slave girl who was the master;s consort  but thought she was the wife, ended up pregnant but wasn;t aware of it. The inscription on the tomb stone is what inspired this piece. Look at the picture of the tomb and you'll see what I mean.

As I looked at the orange trees from Carnbee, I saw female forms. There was a clear form of one female lying along the branch and all the tree showed feminine lines. I started painting then started to see faces coming out. Got to tell you it freaked me out a little but I kept on until this is what I ended up with.
These are really far away from my style and subject matter but it's good to do that now and again. May revisit them and do some more work. Still have to name them. What do you think?

Be blessed


  1. OMG that tombstone inscription is TRAGIC....keep up the great work, Greta! Love the mood in each piece!!


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