Of Colour Wheels, Value Scales and Virtual Paint Outs

Street in Hiroshima
5x7 oil on panel 
 painting knives
Busy day today. Worked on some of my assignments for art school. Never thought I would have to make a colour wheel or value scale for school, yet here I am. Also started scouting areas for my four panel painting. During one of my breaks I took part in one of Bill Guffey's virtual paintouts.

This month he's has posted as the place to 'walk', Japan. It really is a beautiful place. I now have a desire to actually walk some of the places my little google guy walked for me.

This is what I did today on my walk through Hiroshima. I worked with a size  that I have never painted with 5x7. Also worked with painting knives which I haven't done in a long time. A little rusty but I enjoyed it so I'm going to do it again.
Be blessed,