New Buttons

On the Waterfront
oil on canvas, 12x16
Have been experiencing some trouble with my website so I have not been able to update it in a while. I have also, like most of us been following what's going on with the people of Japan and praying for a way to help them. What better way to do so than with the gifts that God has placed in my care.

 Decided to add a paypal button to my blog in case anyone wanted to purchase a painting they saw there. So this is an invitation. From now on I'm going to include, once the painting is available for sale, a price along with the painting's description, to make it easier for you to decorate your home with one of my pieces of sunshine.

Unless otherwise specified, the prices will be quoted in US currency. The price will include shipping and handling the pieces will be sold unframed, for ease of shipping. FEDEX will be the shipping choice.
The proceeds from the sale of this painting will be given to help the people of Japan.
I hope all of us can do something to ease their suffering at this time.

Be blessed,