(student's work)
Alice Herrera
cloth, Hat and Shoes,
pen drawing

I started an art blog forv my form one students recently. (form ones are the kids that range in age from 11-13) They are really excited by the idea and so I want to make it as interesting an experience as I can for them
 Teaching has changed so much since I first started; even art. No longer are you just focussing on the 'manual' areas. Now you have to show them art on the omputer. It's a learning experince for both students and teachers. I know I'm learning a lot. I find myself having to learn things I never thought of just to keep ahead.

I hope all my artist friends who follow my blog will visit the link below and comment or leave some sort of encouragement for the kids as they forge ahead in artist endeavour.

be blessed

Click here to visit the student's blog