Tales of the Brush

12x16, oil on canvas

Every painting has a story behind it. Some memory that forever links the artist to the piece; no matter how far away it travels. This one is no different. I started this painting as a 5x7 sketch on Grand Chemin beach one Sunny Sunday afternoon. The boat was all alone, almost on the sand, water sluggishly lapping around it. I became ill and had to stop. Even though my husband held an umbrella over my head, the sun was punishing me for presuming to paint on its beach.
Passed out when I got to the car. had to get water on my face and Limacol and all that drama. My one concern though was that I did not get enough time to finish my sketch. I did get enough info in the 10 minutes I was there to take home and complete on a bigger canvas.
I enjoy every painting experience; even the not so good ones. I also enjoy sharing them with you.


  1. Beautiful in it's own special way and amazingly vibrant


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