Rejoice with me for God is good!

It all paid off in the end.

The first two semesters of my adult scholastic pursuit ( My reading for my fine art degree) were tough. From wondering if I would get time off to go to class, to wondering if I'd get all my assignments done in addition to all my responsibilities at work and home, to no sleep and frustration, to doubt: "Did I do the right thing? Am I biting off way more than I can stomach?" The list of qualms were endless and are by no means over since this was only the first year.
But I can rejoice.
 I can rejoice in the family I have. A husband who supports me in all my journeying; artistic and otherwise so he sleeps on the couch to make sure I have company while I work. And works out the  calculations since he knows I'm lousy with maths and measurements.

A daughter who in her youth probably doesn't get why mom needs to go back to school since she's already done this but will still make the trek to class with me and sit through it all and even get involved in my work and enjoy a few of my classes; once she gets a sub out of it.
I can rejoice in the fact that God worked it all out so that I could go to classes and still be at work and thereby satisfy both my lecturers and my employers

I can rejoice in getting my assignments done. Every sleepless night, every wire scratch, every time the plaster mould refused to work, every line of calligraphy I had to write for my storybook or do the illustrations,

or spend an entire semester drawing; an exercise that I'm not natural at but have come to respect as an integral part of the creative process. 
It all paid off in the end.

I thank God for the  3 A.s  and the lone B+ He was and is the One responsible for them all. So REJOICE WITH ME!
Onward to year two!