Sunset Sunday Day 1

Just got my new paints. Winsor Newton Artisan Oils so I'm experimenting with water miscible oils. And what better way to experiment than doing a sunset.
I took some photos on the highway on the way home one Sunday evening. The sky was beautiful and awash with colour, There were some houses in the distance enshrouded by trees and shadows and  some lights that just called to you. I must admit that these days I find myself fascinated by night scenes; the almost monochromatic nature of it; yet when one looks closely there's so much going on in terms of colour and drama. I want to capture that drama here.
This is the start. I toned my canvas with a mix of umber, alizarin and Utrecht cadmium yellow hue using acrylic paints.
When that was dry I then thinned out the oils using the linseed and a little water, then proceeded to block in my large shapes and also put in the various values and colour notes. I'm going to let this dry and then start building up my composition.
Stay posted for day 2.