Closed Doors are not the End!!

24x12, oil on panel

I submitted this painting to an art gallery who had sent out invitations to their first mid-summer exhibition. They were seeking to introduce new artists to their gallery. I had hoped to be included in that slate since I am trying to establish myself as a professional artist. Unfortunately, they called to say that it wasn't accepted.

 This started a whole host of questioning in my mind. What caused it not to be accepted? Was it the wrong choice of pieces? Was it that it wasn't good enough? Am I just wasting my time and efforts trying to establish myself in such an iffy industry? I got to say I felt not a little trapped. I felt like all my efforts to move forward were being handicapped by forces beyond my control. A little melodramatic perhaps but there it was.
How do you deal with the rejection? How do you deal with the experience of trying to move when you feel as though you are stuck?

Well I don't know what your experience is like but I can tell you what I did. Tears of frustration with my situation were shed then I squared my shoulders and looked forward toward the next opportunity. I chalked this one up to experience; the experience of remembering that nothing worthwhile is easily gained afterall Monet was on the brink of utter bankruptcy, Van Gogh died a pauper. That one may not be a good example I know, but the moral is they didn't give up on their dream of creating art and neither should I
Neither should you give up on something you are passionate about. So hold fast and look toward the sky. As the song says "Stand like the brave with thy face to the foe"


  1. Keep trying Greta, I have been rejected more times than I can count. But, as an artist you just have to keep going. You would be painting and creating whether you were selling or not. It is the challenge and excitement that the next piece will be the one! I always learn from each piece. I also have a huge stack of panels to recycle. Nice moon glow painting! Nancy Rhodes Harper

  2. Thank you for your encouragement Nancy. It means a lot.


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