Cloudy Morning (WIP)

Made some changes- well a lot of changes. I scraped down the canvas and started over. I felt that I had overworked the canvas while trying  to achieve the desired effect. So instead of having fresh, vibrant colour I had mud.

Here is the scraped down canvas. Even scraped down there are some interesting things going on here.
The new start has more movement in the clouds and less sharper edges.

I have built up the values that I want and still kept the movement; especially in the small clouds underneath Reminded me of some alien flooring.
This is where we are right now. At this point I pause to give the paint some time to dry so that I don't
overwork and muddy the colours. Again. When it's a little drier I'll start to add some depth to the colours. I am satisfied so far and should be finished with this by tomorrow.

Detail (of brush strokes)

In the meantime I'm going to start on the second piece. See you later.

Oh ...Your feedback is important so...