Cloudy Morning (WIP)

Went turtle watch on Saturday night. Ended up hiking and sleeping over under a tarp surrounded by walls made of coconut leaves. Of course, saw no turtles.
It rained so I didn't even get to paint. Not Happy about that. What I am happy about though is that when I got up the next morning The sky treated me to a rainy weather sunrise show. Since I couldn't paint I opted for photos and that's what the next few paintings will be from.

This is the start. I'm working with oils. I have layered on the colours with glazes; just to get a feel for where the major shapes are. I'm working from a limited palette: the primaries plus white and umber.

Not quite satisfied with the grey I got in the largest shape so will be doing some tweaking there. Stay tuned.


  1. i like very much... the technique reflects the exact mood which is great :D

  2. excellent brushwork! what a beautiful sky

  3. Thanks Celeste and Esther. I am still working on it.


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