Bugs! Bugs! Bugs Everywhere!

Dragonfly! This one's mine.

As part of our final evaluation for Three-dimensional Design, we invaded the main quad at  UWI (the University of the West Indies, St Augustine) Imagine the other students shock when they came out of exams on Monday to find the quad had been invaded by bugs of all description. We had to install them so as to get optimum exposure for them. This is just a little sample of the bugs on display.

There were some bugs I didn't recognise.
He stole the show.
A panoramic view of bug invasion
Here is dead bee.

This is the culprit (He's not really a culprit) here who gave us this assignment. See him there in his orange tee-shirt. Close to the dead German roach.
Locusts were there
and jack spaniards.

 This guy was a cutie.
This one was only trying to crawl up everything.

Some students admiring the installation
All in all it was a fun and interesting and challenging assignment. We worked with some materials we had never worked with, experimented with those we had so we could use them in a different way, learnt some new techniques, nursed all our cuts and bruises from the mesh wire and knippers. Basically, had a blast.
Onward to the tiles!