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Group project for VART1405: Three-Dimensional Design. We have to build some sort of seat using platonic and archemidian solids. We were limited to paper and paper products and we had to be able to sit on it without incident.
We experimented with paper first then decided on bristol board.
These are just of a few of the images. Everyone was looking at Lydia as she sat down so no one remembered to take a picture of it.
The grey forms that you see are two little stools. They come together to make a little table to put drinks on or they

 can also double as seats.


  1. WOW !!!! creativity at its height. You are a testimony to many, especially - who say they are not creative.
    Which reminds me of God our ultimate creator/artist - take seemingly nothing to make something eg Human. Just to be more specefic Hilda Deborah Regina Halls-Julien - YEPPEEEEE still in process but trust me I will be one his masterpieces; or rather he isz usually attracted to brokeness, therefore ever part he touches will be a masterpiece in its own way. I welcome his touch, molding, adjusting, mending, joining. I can look back on my life and see the results of the work he has done on me. Greta just tell God you are ready to let go everthing for him to take control (i know you feel vulnerable. its ok God will not harm you.) Let your prayer moment by moment 'Lord! draw me so clos to you, the closest you will allow any human being to get to you". Greta it is an awesome journey.
    Greta that prayer/desire must come from your soul, and you must be at peace and view everything around you that would have normally rubbed u the wrong way as your character builder and embrace it positively. laugh smile carry a happy aura(dont tell me that is not you THIS IS NOW GOD'S BUSINESS)pay attention to your thought and word purpose in ur heart that you must heal from every negative of the past. WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME TO GOD'S MAKE OVER.


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