Notes from the Drawing Board

Mother and Child Charcoal on paper

Nude: front recline Derwent drawing pencils on paper

Drawing doesn't come naturally to me. some people can sit for hours and just draw. Not me. I can paint like that but not sit with a pencil and draw. I have to work at drawing; work hard. So I'm very happy for the experience of Drawing 1. It has taught me not to be intimidated by the pencil; not to fear the line that isn't going to be administered in painting. I have learnt a lot and am still learning as I do my pieces for final assessment.

There have been so many challenges so far in my quest for artistic growth and development. But God has worked each one of them out in His way and I am thankful for the experience.

Just thought I'd share two pieces from my final assessment portfolio. The first one I am still working on. Got to do some tweaking on the mother's face. We had to take shots of people in gesture positions and use photoshop to turn them into black and whites and then draw. I lucked out on getting this mother and her daughter in an unguarded moment.

The second piece is from my themed work with the nude. I am looking at form and the effect of light on the body, especially the muscles. No males yet. Still a work in progress but this one is done! I just love these drawing pencils. They are like butter.


  1. What beautiful drawings, GretaMichelle. I am so glad that you are taking drawing so seriously. I was told by a world class artist (who graduated for the Royal Academy of Art in London) that if I worked diligently on the figure that I would have a chance (to succeed with all art endeavors). Such good work work work on drawing the figure! These drawings are TOPS! Your hard work and patience are evident.


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