Still Here; Stll Standing

No I have not abandoned my blog and no I have not given up painting. I am still here. Right now I'm posting from my school's computer (which I really don't like using for my stuff) to say "hi" to you since mine has caught a cold and must be hospitalised for a season. BEWARE OF OTHER PEOPLE'S MEMORY STICKS!

I have some stuff to share that I've been doing in UWI ( University of the West Indies) as I read for my BFA. My drawing class is fun and I definitely love Art History- Its official. Will share with you as soon as I can. So bare with me as I deal with the patient and chomp at the bit to share with you what I've been doing in Art school.
Take care!


  1. Congratulations on your aspirations..I will be tuned in to find out what is next for you!


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