The Journey

I'm thinking that this experience I am having presently; going after my second degree, this time in visual arts, trying to follow that dream of switching careers at this stage of my life will definitely be a testimony of God's grace and perfecting work in my life. The very labour involved in attending classes, the time spent on the highway, the juggling of home and family, work and school... I get tired just thinking about it. Is it worth it, though? Definitely!

I'm having the time of my life! I'm doing Art History; something I have always enjoyed and I am learning a lot about who I am as an artist. Drawing class is great and the Art Education class is also interesting. I am learning and developing skills that will help me become a better artist and a better teacher.

Most important, though, at the end of it all I will also have a testimony


  1. Wow! How do you do it? I took just one art history class and couldn't juggle very well. I did have young kids at the time. Good for you and my prayers go out for you with three classes and a family to juggle, and work too? yikes!

  2. It is difficult but each day brings a new blessing from God. Like today, for example, I found out that I can have the time off to go the morning drawing class.God is good. We just have to trust him and let him work things out.


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