(My first plein aire)
After the Rain
July 2008

Today I joined the American Artists community. While I was writing my hellos something occurred to me. It was only early last year that I started painting outdoors (en plein aire)

It didn't seem such a short time.

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my art. I've done many paintings that I don't show because I am not satisfied with the quality. I am sometimes very hard on myself because I feel like I should be somewhere else and I'm not there. When I look at other artists' works and see how they seem to capture their locations and paint with such pathos I feel the urge to hide my work even more.

Today, though, I had one of Oprah's 'aha' moments. It took these artists years to develop the techniques and abilities they have now, in something that I've been doing for only one year so if I am not where I want to be yet I can cut myself some slack (easier said than done) All I have to do is keep at it. Be prepared to make mistakes and do things over but be prepared to learn and move; most of all, be prepared to keep at it.


  1. Greta, how goes it?
    Don't give up or give in... ...everything is as it should be...in other words, we are exactly where we need to be in our life in order to become the person we are destined to become... I just sent Gabby this verse from a poem I wrote and I would like to share it with you also...

    May today be better than yesterday; and tomorrow better than today ...
    I hope you dream "big" dreams; and get to live them...
    May you soar and reach new thresholds; secure in the knowledge,
    that everything you will ever need you already have inside you...

    Have a creative day and don't be afraid to become...remember you are exactly where you need to be...

  2. Nothing in life comes easy. Some of us learn that the hard way, while others try to ease their way through and end up with things being hard. In time you will be amazed about the ease with which it all comes to you....you would look back and say "I did all that? How? Work hard....live easy!


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