Breaking Away

Flower Garden
(This painting was chosen to be here
because it marked the beginning of my journey to become a serious artist)

I am involved in a lot of activities. From painting to writing to singing to involvement in women's ministeries, to practising culinary arts to teaching full time and from September, I am once more a student at UWI. St Augustine. I'll be going for my second degree this time in fine art. In addition I have my most important responsibilities as wife and mother.

Most recently (June) I added radio announcer to this list of activites. It was one of those thing s that I always wanted to experience and I felt I would be good at, so there I was.

There is some truth to the saying spreading yourself too thin. While I was announcing, my art was languishing, my writing was basking in the dimness of nowhere and my family, well they are very supportive. I had to drop out of the choir since I was on during choir paractice and I haven't seen the inside of a church in weeks.

I am the type of person who likes to be involved but I feel involvement must be, like everything else tempered by good sense. It makes no sense involving yourself in everthing and not flowing and being effective.

My focus shifted from where it should have been to something else entirely. I want to be an artist of note and a prolific writer. I view both of these as much ministry as working for a christian radio station. In order to be both these things I must give them their due. Therefore, I have made the decision to give up my announcer's responsibility to someone who will be able to give it their full attention.

It was an honor and privilege that I will always remember and be thankful for.


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