Still-life wip cont'd

Changes have been made to the background in order to bring the focal point forward. The garlic has also been redefined and shadows added.

The reflection on the bowl is starting to come together.

The cast shadow has also been redefined a bit.

I do not want to overwork the piece so I am trying to be very economical in the changes and brushstrokes that I use. I find someimes in my desire for 'perfection' and to get the piece just so I end up doing more harm than good so I'm trying to curb my compulsion to fix. Just lay down a stroke and leave it alone.

This piece has proven to be a challenge, not necessarily in the technical aspects but in the length of time that I have spent on it because of other commitments that take away from my paining time.

Any critique or helpful suggestions are welcome, so feel free to comment you artists following this blog.