New Developments

Art has always fascinated me. I remember trying to draw as a teen; making little cards for my boyfriend from the little "Love Is" cartoons. He would laugh beause they would come out funny but he would still put them up.

The highways would bring such joy and pleasure and a hint of wistfulness. I wanted to paint them. I would wish for the ability to just capture the colour on the distant hill or the mood of the evening or what I call God's grandeur: the sun shining through the clouds on an evening just before the sun decides it's time to shine somewhere else.

God granted me the ability as an adult and I'm so grateful for the privilege. Art has become, not just a means of earning a living. It has become a passion and a voice. A tool that I can use to reach someone who needs to have an outlet or develop his/her creative side. I cannot think of doing anything else and if I do it must involve painting and drawing and yes, even sculpting.

I want to experience and experiment and dabble with different things so I bought myself some clay and I learned how to make an armature. I posted them so that you can share in the triumph and pleasure of discovery and also learn for those who may be wondering.

God has been good to me. I bless Him for giving me so much.

1. My jig

2. Armature (wire form)

3. Completed armature (front view)
4. (profile)

5. Armature
(left side and back view)