From My Sketchbook

Been doing inventory and stock taking and most importantly I painted. 9x12 Acrylic. No you won't see it here... yet but what I thought I would do is share with you a glimpse into my sketchbook.

Some were started, some were completed and some were ideas to be revisited. All of them brought me some measure of happiness being there.

This was my first sketch ever. I had just gotten myself a sketchbook and wanted to use it. It also represents my first plein aire (although I didn't know that it was) I just saw a beautiful rainy morning from the windoans wanted to paint it.

This was done on the same day but at sunset. I was alone on the beach after the rain had gone and the sun started to set. Both were just painted; no sketches; Alla Prima (didn't know what that was at the time either) The year: 2004.

This period marked a turning point in my art. This was when I started to take it seriously.