On Blooming Where You Are Planted

I attended a workshop this weekend sponsored by the Women's Ministry Department of the South Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventists. The theme was " Bloom Where You Are Planted" The various speakers expanded on this theme using the analogy of the plant or flower and all that it needs to do in order to survive and flourish in it's environment.
What really brought this theme home for me, though, was the consecration speaker who explained that this meant being the best that I can be in whatever situation i'm in. He said that this came through a total transformation of the mind; not conforming it to the expectations of the world but to the expectations and the vision that God has for your life.
What does this have to do with you or painting you might ask? Well there is a saying: "In beholding you become changed" To move away from the negative self image and self doubt you need to embrace the thoughts of peace and prosperity that God has for you. To become the best student, mother, father, friend, husband, wife, businessman, artist, you need to remember that you didn't give yourself the ability or position. God ordained your path and He knows how it should be done.
Once we recognise who's in charge and who we owe our abilities to; once we acknowledge Him in all our ways, we will most definitely bloom where we are planted.