Great is His Faithfulness

Sunrise Over Stella Maris (sold)

Homeward Bound

My artistic experience will forever be a testament to God's faithfulness. He is indeed a rewarder to those who diligently seek Him and call upon His name.

Stella is gone. to God be the glory! I said Lord I don't want to bring any of the paintings that I submitted to the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago show home. Stella deserves to be sold to someone who will appreciate her beauty.

The Show finished last Tuesday. I went to collect my cheque for Homeward Bound and instead of coming home with a cheque and a painting I came home with no paintings and two cheques.

I went from wondering if I would ever sell anything; if my work was good enough to two paintings being sol in the space of a week.

Noone will ever convince me that God is not real.