I believe that as an artist I have to keep growing and learning; constantly pushing myself and my creativity. I must never settle for where I am but must always seek to move further and deeper.
I've been salivating and wishing over a few art workshops. There are a few artists whose work I look at and admire and believe that I can learn a lot from their mentoring.
Where I am you don't really hear about workshops. Most of my artistic knowledge came from reading, looking at the works of the great masters such as Monet, Cezanne, Turner and O'Keefe and practising. Mopst important praying for inspiration to get it right. It's a wonderful way to learn but I would REALLY like to go to one of those 5-day workshops and mingle with fellow artists in an inspiring location.
So i'm going to start my wish lis/prayer list. God is going to send me on one of these. He said to ask, believing... so I will.


  1. I have the same issue where I live, a very rural community and we don't have access to a lot of interesting workshops or "retreats", etc. Even the largest city which is only a couple hours from me isn't the type of place where workshops come like they do in the northern or western states.

    Hang in there... you never know when it will happen. Like you I feel one day I will get the opportunity.


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