The Biggest Deadly Sin

People think that greed, envy, lust and all these are the biggest sins. They aren't.
Now don't get me wrong. These are sins and anybody having to deal with these needs to call on the Lord, but the biggest sin; the one that is so subtle you run the risk of overlooking it and not seeing it as a problem until you are faced with the consequence of it; the biggest sin is procrastination. The putting off for tomorrow what you can do today; the delaying of decisions for your life; decisions that could mean the diference between life and death, poverty or prosperity; heaven or hell.
The bible refers to this as something that is neither hot nor cold; that needs to be spewed out because it is so vile. It's a halting between two opinions; the trying to straddle two sides.
For the artist it sounds the death knell on creativity. For the christian it sounds the death knell.
Procrastination is a silent killer.