I love the rain. It creates a sense of newness; like everything is washed clean. The trees look greener, the sky a little clearer,it's wonderful.

Reminds me of what Christ did for me on Calvary.

Was not happy today as I attempted to paint at the Wild fowl Trust which is a place for endangered species of fowl, birds and fishes. There is a really beautiful pond with lily pads and reflections.... so classic. Reminded me of the pictures that I lust over of Monet's garden
I had just set up when the heavens opened and poured out its liquid blessings on all. I was Soaked right through trying to protect the easel and canvas and paints from the deluge.

My husband, who was helping me hold the umbrella said that God wanted me to spend more time looking first.
In everything give thanks.
Lord, thank you for the rain and the painting I will get to complete soon.