Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Child.

Did not sell a single pot today but was able to throw this beauty and the lid I threw for it fit.
All in all, a successful day.
Be Blessed,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Evening

Played with slip and large forms today in preparation for the 18" forms I have to make for my client.
Also altered the form. I think it looks good like this. what do you think?
Be blessed,


Well I haven't updated you in a while but fear not, It wasn't neglect. I have been so busy, so many things happening. The year just seems to have picked up and sped up. 
The pictures you're seeing are from two commissions that I am working on presently. The sake set is almost finished. The other one is a set of storage jars.

I also took part and am taking part in a few arts markets all of which so far have been successful. Exhibition coming up for UWI Visual Arts Programme 25th Anniversary Celebrations and Show and Sell is this Friday. I am being challenged and I am growing as an artist.
 So I am really enjoying the closing months of this year. What a wonderful way to head into a new one. Thanks go to God my Father.

Be Blessed

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