Monday, May 31, 2010

Cloudy Morning (WIP)

Made some changes- well a lot of changes. I scraped down the canvas and started over. I felt that I had overworked the canvas while trying  to achieve the desired effect. So instead of having fresh, vibrant colour I had mud.

Here is the scraped down canvas. Even scraped down there are some interesting things going on here.
The new start has more movement in the clouds and less sharper edges.

I have built up the values that I want and still kept the movement; especially in the small clouds underneath Reminded me of some alien flooring.
This is where we are right now. At this point I pause to give the paint some time to dry so that I don't
overwork and muddy the colours. Again. When it's a little drier I'll start to add some depth to the colours. I am satisfied so far and should be finished with this by tomorrow.

Detail (of brush strokes)

In the meantime I'm going to start on the second piece. See you later.

Oh ...Your feedback is important so...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cloudy Morning (WIP)

Went turtle watch on Saturday night. Ended up hiking and sleeping over under a tarp surrounded by walls made of coconut leaves. Of course, saw no turtles.
It rained so I didn't even get to paint. Not Happy about that. What I am happy about though is that when I got up the next morning The sky treated me to a rainy weather sunrise show. Since I couldn't paint I opted for photos and that's what the next few paintings will be from.

This is the start. I'm working with oils. I have layered on the colours with glazes; just to get a feel for where the major shapes are. I'm working from a limited palette: the primaries plus white and umber.

Not quite satisfied with the grey I got in the largest shape so will be doing some tweaking there. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Natasha 1st Sketch

Getting my feet wet again after such a long time away from the brush by painting my cousin Natasha. she really is a striking beauty and when I saw the picture I just wanted to paint her. My experience with portraits is limited to myself but there was sometihing about the way the light hit her face that just called to me so here I am.

The first sketch is done with Derwent drawing pencils I just love the buttery texture of them. From here I can work out any technical issues like the slight twist to her mouth and the correct proportion to her jaw, etc.
I also decided to sketch first since I haven't decided what paint I will use yet; whether watercolour, oils or pastels so from here I can experiment; play around with each.
It's so good to be painting again.

Friday, May 14, 2010

End of Year One

This is the cover for my storybook. I really enjoyed doing it as part of the Visual Arts and communication course. The story takes a look at one aspect of our folklore tradition, based on my memories of time spent with my grandmother in the countryside.
The course definitely shoved me out of my comfort zone, since I do not consider my talents to lie in the area of design and illustrating; basically graphics. But some aspects, like the storybook was a win win since I love to write.
Looking forward to what next semester will bring as I forge ahead to attain my degree. I dreamt of studying art for so long and even though it's not where I wanted to study I am making the most of it and having a good time along the way.
Thank you Lord for taking me through year one (by faith) successfully.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tiles and an End to the First Year!

Working on the initial design which was inspired by sea weed that I saw floating in the mangrove.
Played around with the picture of the seaweed on photoshop. This chromed effect caught my eye.

Here is one of the moulds I made using the plaster of Paris
Here is the other

Final designs. I used coloured cement to make the final products. I sought to create a measure of continuity with the colours as well as with some of the lines. Two different designs but still a sense of harmony.

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